The USCVS consists of two surveys; ​one is designed for worshipers and the other is designed for leadership ​and staff.

The best time to give the leadership​ and staff survey is during a meeting ​where all are expected to be present. ​The best time to give the worshiper survey is any time when you are gathered as a congregation. This could be during a congregational meeting or meal, but most often it is during your worship services. However, if you want to reach people who do not attend worship, we also offer an online version of the worshiper survey.

Framing this discernment as a form of worship can help congregants focus their hearts and minds upon the truth of Jesus Christ, and to see that God is in control of the process. This could help them be more authentic in their reflections; something that is essential for personal growth. Consider the wise words of Henri Nouwen: "Holding the cup of life means looking critically at what we are living. This requires great courage, because when we start looking, we might be terrified by what we see…. Still, we intuitively know that without looking at life critically we lose our vision and our direction. When we drink the cup without holding it first, we may simply get drunk and wander around aimlessly."​