The U.S. Congregational Life Survey in its previous form is no longer available nor do we have the ability to access old USCLS reports. If you are a previous USCLS client and have questions about your congregation's information, please contact us.

The USCVS is a substantially revised version of the US Congregational Life Surveys (USCLS) survey, which was offered to congregations for nearly two decades. Over 500,000 worshipers in over 5,000 congregations have completed the USCLS between 2001 and 2018.

This new, third wave, addresses some issues with the previous survey by redesigning the questions to scales (the industry standard for creating indices) and by having a stronger theological grounding for the vital marks. It also works with new data—the most recent USCLS benchmark data was from 2008-2009.

In addition, in winter of 2018, tragedy struck. The servers hosting USCLS data and reporting functions crashed and we lost everything. Capacity to generate the old USCLS reports was lost.